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"Il Bestiario di Mezzemezzo" the new collection is here!

Jonesy and I are pleased to present the new winter collection "Il bestiario di Mezzemezzo".

This new toy collection is our personal celebration of diversity.

Our creatures are an unlikely and fascinating crossing of races, where each creature has a characteristic that makes them different and beautiful: unique.

From this year there are great news, the first of all, we have replaced the tweed we used to make our toys, with the very soft GOTS certified sweatshirt.

Even the padding has changed, now in addition to the catnip and the waste wool of our productions, there will be some very soft Abruzzo sheep wool.

Within this year we plan to adopt 3 Abruzzo wool sheep that will officially become part of our small team and that will guarantee us the wool padding for the whole year.

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