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Fran + Jonesy the cat is a "cat lover" craft workshop, oriented to the creation of toys dedicated to really sophisticated cats.

Our products are handmade in limited numbers in our two laboratories in Rome and Pizzoferrato in Abruzzo, using the highest quality fabrics

Sheep wool yarns from Abruzzo and hand-dyed with natural colors, organic linen, precious tweeds hand-woven by Eddie Doherty (from Donegal) or Harris Tweed (from the Isle of Harris) and recently, very soft GOTS certified sweatshirt .

Before choosing the fabric, there is the original design and design. It is a very important part of our work that we usually spend a lot of time on.

Each collection has a precise story that takes inspiration from music, cinema, books and everyday life.

What else makes them so special? catnip (a powerful magnet for cats) found in our toys.

We only use catnip that has been grown in our garden and dried in the traditional way, in a dedicated wooden house.

To minimize waste, we have done away with polyester padding to embrace the most environmentally friendly and comfortable scraps of cloth and wool we produce.

These, after a careful carding process, are transformed into a soft and warm padding.

Together with them, part of the padding is made of pure sheep's wool, washed and carded by our collaborators in Abruzzo.

We care about our planet and we like to think that we are probably the first to make completely eco-sustainable gifts for cats.

The packages that contain them are designed and manufactured with the utmost care every time and are an integral part of the product itself.

In order not to create waste, we have thought of a type of packaging that can be reused in many other ways that last over time.

Beautiful and always different, they are the perfect container for a gift.

We have so much fun making them !!

We don't like plastic and we don't like waste, which is why our laboratories are plastic free. All the furniture and work tools have been built with recycled wood.

Meet our quality control expert!

In case you were wondering: our quality control for every single product is our kitten Jonesy.

With her it was love at first sight!

She inspired us to start Fran + Jonesy the cat and now she works paw to shoulder with us, to make each of our products even more lovable and unique!

Each product we create, before being put on sale must pass 3 tests:

Aesthetics, friendliness and durability, this is why the commitment and contribution that Jonesy gives at every stage of the processing of our toys is essential.

To see more photos of Jonesy at work and in everyday life, follow her adventures on Instagram.

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